How to Find Old Domain Names for Sale: A Complete Guidance

The old domain names rank easier on Google which is why a lot of people want to buy them! Read this article and discover how to find old domain names for sale!

About Old Domain Names

It is unofficial, but yes, the aged domains rank easier on Google. The reason for this is because they have significant PageRank and a rich back link profile as well. So, the question here is whether or not the domain name you want to purchase should be relevant to your targeted niche?

According to experts, no. You need to find an aged domain that is going to be relevant to your company’s name, your brand, your type of business, or to the products and services you are selling.

How to Buy Aged or Old Domain Names

Even though there are many domain name registrars who can offer you the opportunity to buy aged or old domain names, GoDaddy is considered to be one of the best.

There are few paid specialized services that can ensure the domain you want is worth buying. These services exist to help you in the hunt for old and valuable domain names. is one of the most recommendable free services for a primary evaluation of available domain names for purchase. This service will allow you to check the basic metrics such as back links, PageRank, Page Authority, SEOMoz Domain Authority, MozRank, and etc. for all domains available for sale on GoDaddy.

You can also use SEOMastering’s Fake Page Rank Check to determine the authenticity of PageRank and search for hidden bonuses like DMOZ listings and Yahoo Directory. You can analyze the potential domain name you want to buy with back link analysis tools such as OpenSiteExplorer, Ahrefs, and MajesticSEO. MajesticSEO is an excellent tool for analyzing the back link profile or Google Page Rank for a certain domain.

What are your options after buying an aged or old domain name?

Well, you have a few options, you can 301 redirect the old domain to your current domain (this option is recommendable if both domains are in the same sector and are targeting similar Keywords), you can create a microsite that links to your current domain or you can overhaul the aged domain name and use it independently.

Choose the option that suits your needs, plans, and goals the best.

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