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Healthy Dog Food
What Is The Healthiest Food To Feed Your Dog

Healthy dog foods including raw foods and meaty bones have long been the ideal way of giving your dog the best nutrition possible for the longest and healthiest life.

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It is a well known fact that nature intended that dogs as well as other animals should only eat raw foods but over the years, dog owners have succumbed to the temptation to feed their dogs commercially manufactured foods because it was easy, cheap, and convenient.

In recent years, though, the benefits of raw dog food have become a topic of much discussion and more and more dog lovers and owners are making the switch back to making raw dog food for their beloved companions.

Healthy dog food recipes include raw meat and meaty bones as well as internal organs like livers, hearts and kidneys, which for the most part, aren’t consumed so much by us humans.

A quick trip to the butcher shop or your local grocery’s meat section will give you a good idea of the kind of selection you’ll have to choose from when determining what will make up your dog’s raw food diet.

You will discover that buying raw is, more often than not, significantly cheaper than buying commercial kibbles and canned foods.

Most first time raw dog food buyers are pleasantly surprised by the price difference and are pleased at the amount of money that they can save.

You also have the option to buy frozen raw dog food that has already been prepared. If this isn’t an option available to you in your area, then it really is easy enough making raw dog food yourself at home.

You’ll find lots of ideas and recipes out there that will make the task of switching from a commercial dog food diet to a raw food diet a breeze.

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If you’re like me and you like to buy in bulk, then you can buy large amounts of healthy dog foods, such as the Raw Paws Signature Blend Range and prepare healthy dog food recipes which you can then convert into frozen raw dog food that will make preparing your dog’s daily healthy meals as easy as preparing your own meals (minus the cooking, of course!).

Buying in bulk will also save you loads of money which you can use to get your dog other special treats, like toys! (what dog doesn’t love a good chew toy?)

When you make the change to a raw diet you’ll notice almost immediatley that your dog will become more active and energetic and less letharigc.

You may also notice that your dog’s bowel movements will be smaller and generally less smelly, which is a good thing.

It means that the digestive system is working more efficiently and that their body is getting more of the nutrients and sustenance that it needs resulting in less bodily waste.

Healthy dog foods will provide your dog with the nutritional fortitude to live a long and satisfactory life that is free of the diseases and maladies that can affect dogs who are fed on commercially manufactured foods.

The other benefits of raw dog food, which you can discover and read about in other sections of our website, will ensure that you and your dog have a long and happy life together.

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