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Raw Dog Food
The New Healthier Norm


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In this article I want to share with you some of the knowledge gained over the years in raising dogs with healthy dog foods including raw, meaty bones. 

For centuries dog owners have fed their dogs raw foods like chicken, beef, pork, and even turkey and duck when it was available. 

Dogs love to chew and gnaw on the bones until they get every last morsel of the meat and then they’d go to work on the bones themselves.

The reason why dogs love bones so much is because of the primal instinct that is still inside the dogs to hunt and catch their own food which is what they’d do if they were still living in the wild. It has been shown in many tests that raw food for dogs was by far the healthiest way you could feed them since that was how they’d eat in the wild.

Some studies have shown that raw dog food diets can help your dog to live longer and that they would be healthier too, with less digestive problems.

The only time you will have to take your dogs to the vet is to get their vaccinations, and health checks as there are so many  benefits of a raw diet for dogs.

It’s been my experience that dogs that are fed from raw dog food recipes tend to eat better and actually enjoy their food more than dogs that are fed with conventionally manufactured foods that most people feed them.

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chemicals and preservativesin processed dog food

Store bought foods have tons of preservatives and additives that are just not good for your dog’s health. They actually add flavorings to make your dog like the taste better which in turn causes your dog to overeat and that is an extremely unhealthy habit for a dog to have. It can lead to obesity and heart, liver, and kidney problems.

Making the switch to raw food for dogs is as easy as, pardon the pun, tossing your dogs a bone and more people are coming around to the idea of making raw dog food at home and putting their dogs on a much healthier raw dog food diet.

It is easy to get the ingredients to make your own dog food, because they are readily available in health food stores or even grocery stores and supermarkets – the possibilities are endless.

A popular choice recently has been to opt for either frozen raw dog food or freeze dried raw dog food, such as Instinct Raw, which is very healthy because it does not contain processed food. When the food is ready to be eaten it still contains all the healthy nutrients that your dog needs.

So why is it frozen? This food has a very short sell by date on it so freezing enables the food to last longer and retains the goodness.

Others prefer dehydrated raw dog food. This means that the moisture has been removed from them to ensure that the food remains healthier for longer periods of time.

In dehydrated raw dog food, there is less chance of your dog developing digestive problems. At first glance it resembles Kibble but its texture changes when you add warm water to it before you give it to your dog.

You can find out more about raw dog food recipes and more information in general about the Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods diet, BARF for short, that can make your dog’s life much more enjoyable (by giving them the true nutrition that they crave and deserve) by checking out the rest of our website.

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I truly hope that you’ll give the information I have compiled here a thorough examination so that you can begin to understand the importance of getting your dog the proper nutrition through a raw food diet.

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