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Dehydrated Raw Dog Food
Why Add it to Your Dog’s Diet?

Why should you consider switching to a dry raw dog food diet?​

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It is worth considering the fact that there have been countless cases were dogs have been very ill and referred to their vets, because their owners didn’t give them healthy dog food.

Often, the vet will need to decide whether expensive surgery is necessary.

However, if a dog owner switches to BARF raw dog food while they are waiting for the dog to have the operation, a surprising result often occurs.

The need for the surgery disappears and the dog returns to full health naturally, without the need for dangerous medical intervention!

People often think this is a miracle, but what has happened is that they have helped the dog to heal itself naturally, just as it would in the wild.

The dry raw dog food that it is given in a natural  dog food diet is perfect because it contains all of the nutrients and vitamins that your dog needs.

Although by no means a standard recommendation, there are now hundreds of vets in America who have converted to this method as a first line of treatment because it saves them having to do dangerous operations which may be unnecessary.

The general health of the dog improves dramatically when they are fed organic raw dog food. Those who worry about their dogs getting upset tummy need have no fear. Dry raw dog food is simply natural food which provides them with everything they could ever need for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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The honest kitchen dehydrated raw dog food

A dog is not supposed to eat processed meats such as those owners usually provide or the unhealthy processed biscuits and kibbles; they should have raw food wherever possible because they are carnivores at heart.

Feeding your dog commercial processed food is like gorging on junk food for humans. It may taste nice but it is artificial and not healthy for us, containing lots of fat and other ingredients which we were not intended to eat.

The simple fact is that it is the easy option, but isn’t your dog worth putting a little effort into? Products like The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Dog Food you simply add water and it gives your dog a healthy meal.

While some processed food is cleverly produced, nothing can make it natural and, with the best will in the world, it is impossible to mimic exactly what nature provides.

You can taste the difference between home grown peas and processed peas, and there is no comparison.

It is the same with processed dog foods – you may be able to buy chicken in gravy for your dog, but gravy isn’t available in the wild and is not particularly healthy, and the chicken itself has been processed and filled with water and artificial vitamins etc. Processed chicken tastes completely different to the fresh bird.

The problem with processed foods is that the dog eats more than it really needs in an attempt to gain the goodness that is missing from the food. 

This gives the dog more toxins which are liable to make it ill but it knows that it still needs the nutrients and so it continues to eat in the hopes of getting enough — it’s really a vicious circle!

Switch to a dehydrated raw dog food diet and help keep your dog healthy!

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