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Homemade Raw Dog Food
Make Your Own Dog Food &
See the Difference in Your Dog’s Health!

There are several reasons why it is much healthier to make your own dog food rather than buying processed dog food or feeding your dog table scraps.​

When your favourite pet gives you his puppy dog, sad eyed look, it is sometimes very hard to resist his plea for just a little scrap of your chicken or lamb. After all, meat is good for your dog, right? Wrong!

Most people are unaware that there is a world of difference between the food they eat and dog food.

They assume that they both contain the same meat and it’s just as healthy. The truth is rather alarming! In fact, dog food is specifically designed to be for your dog and is not meant for human consumption.

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Nulo Freeze Dried raw Dog Food

Why would human food be suitable for your dog?

The truth is that the dog food you buy in stores, in cans or bags, is made from poor scraps of chicken, beef and other cuts of meats.

Millions of people spend billions of dollars a year buying cans of dog food. However, more people are coming around to the idea of making raw dog food at home and putting their dogs on a much healthier raw dog food diet.

It is easy to get the ingredients to make your own dog food, because they are readily available in health food stores or even grocery stores and supermarkets – the possibilities are endless.

A popular choice recently has been to opt for the frozen raw dog food or freeze dry raw dog food which is very healthy because it does not contain processed food. When the food is ready to be eaten it still contains all the healthy nutrients that your dog needs.

So why is it frozen? This food has a very short sell by date on it so freezing enables the food to last longer and retains the goodness.

Others prefer dehydrated raw dog food. This means that the moisture has been removed from them to ensure that the food remains healthier for longer periods of time.

In dehydrated raw dog food, there is less chance of your dog developing digestive problems.  At first glance it resembles Kibble but its texture changes when you add warm water to it before you give it to your dog. 

Another popular choice is to use fresh food or that which is refrigerated until it is used.  This is different from all the examples given above, because it is cooked very lightly and then vacuum packed and refrigerated. 

The disadvantage of using this type of food is that it does not last very long and usually has a short sell by date of approximately 2 months.  Its shelf life is much shorter if it is opened or kept at room temperature. 

Finally, there is the home made diet which is often purchased in containers from specialist companies.  Contrary to popular belief, the dog owners rarely make it themselves from scratch.  

They are more likely to be ordered over the internet or in a small store.  These are very healthy because they often have raw meat, crushed bones (which make eating it easier for the dogs), and are supplemented by vegetables and minerals.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when you make your own dog food, and I guarantee that it is 100 times healthier than anything you can buy off the shelf!

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