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Raw Dog Food Recipes
Natural Fresh Meat Diet Recipes​

Getting your dog on a raw dog food recipe is not only beneficial for his health, it’s almost necessary.

dog enjoying a raw bone

Usually, a dog will eat the meat and then attack the bone from a carcass with gusto!

Because it is so hard, it takes them a long time to chew the bone itself. This means that the raw dog food recipes that you prepare for your dog will keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy, while giving the stomach time to digest the food.

When a dog is fed on commercial, canned food, it is common for it to have very loose stools.

This problem is resolved by getting your dog on a raw dog food diet because it naturally leads to less upset stomachs and therefore harder stools.

However, there is a good balance because a dog fed on a raw dog food diet very rarely suffers from constipation because they will naturally have enough fiber in their diet. Also they will not have as many stools as a dog that has been fed commercial food.

Since the price of canned dog food is astronomical, feeding your dog all natural raw dog food is a much cheaper way of feeding your dog as well!

Puppies fed on a processed diet will grow very quickly, but that is actually bad for them.

If you study puppies in the wild, they grow at a much slower pace. Growing too fast is BAD for your dog, just like a child shouldn’t grow too fast.

By making raw dog food at home for your dog, you will ensure that he has very strong muscles because he has to work hard to rip and chew the food.

You should also always ensure that your dog is of a healthy weight because he is more likely to suffer from arthritis and other painful problems if he is overweight.

By following a raw dog food diet you are controlling your dog’s weight and ensuring that they do not eat any unnecessary fats which will contribute to them gaining weight.

dog chewing a raw bone
orijen freeze dried raw dog foo

A raw dog food recipe contains many more nutrients than can be found in processed foods. You may be a little hesitant because you believe that raw dog food recipes involve a lot of preparation. However, there are certain companies which prepare the food and even package it up for you!

The beauty of this is that it can be frozen and therefore you only have to use a little at a time, as much as you want. This is a very cost effective way of doing it because a little can go a long way! If you don’t want frozen dog food in your freezer, there are many companies who will sell it to you in a dehydrated form as well.

If you feed your dog food from cans which say they are “healthy”, how can you be absolutely certain that the meat has not been obtained and produced from animals that were ill at the time it was made? There may even be hidden fats in there which are not good for your dog’s heart.

Think of it this way: are processed foods good for humans? If your diet consisted solely of processed, pre-packed foods, would you still be in good health? Of course not! And this is why it’s imperative to prepare healthy food for your beloved canine.

A raw dog food diet is one which naturally contains all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs and is simply a way of feeding them the same food they would have if they were hunting in the wild.

It is the safest and most natural way to feed your dog and ensure that he remains healthy. So what are you waiting for? Go get that raw dog food recipe today and ensure a better future for your best friend.

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