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What Are The Benefits
Of Raw Diet For Dogs

Few people realise the benefits of raw dog food or the damage that occurs when they cook their dog food – all the natural goodness dissolves from it.

Dog food is heated up at very high temperatures as part of the processing, and as such, it is not as healthy as it may seem (or as healthy as the label tells you).

It may be very difficult for your dog to eat it if the meat is not in its natural form.

If you want a healthy and happy dog, it is essential that he gets all the nutrients found in organic raw dog food which are no longer in it when the food has been cooked.

You may worry about the price of making homemade raw dog food, but if you weigh out the costs, it is pretty cheap because your dog will be far healthier. The benefits of raw dog food outweigh the costs of processed foods for your dog in the long run.

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Processed meals may seem cheap but there’s a reason for that – the quality of the meat which is in those cans is very poor and therefore unlikely to be healthy for your dog. The meat which is used is frequently rotting!

In a BARF raw dog food diet nothing goes to waste which, in itself, is cost effective.

Your dog will even eat the bones which are actually an essential part of any healthy dog food recipe to promote strong, healthy teeth and get rid of bad breath.

Think about the food dogs eat in the wild. If they come across a dead animal, they will devour its body, tearing at the meat and chewing the bones.

This is how your dog is meant to eat and, to get the best out of it; you need to ensure you give it the type of food it would get in the wild – in other words, any meat on the bone such as chicken, ham or lamb.

Society has woken up to the importance of this type of food and great strides forward have been made, resulting in less production of processed food.

These days, you can easily access the raw foods whether in a supermarket or at a specialist supplier.

Fewer people are purchasing dry dog food like pellets or even stew, and instead, they are opting for natures own recipes and allowing the dogs to chew on the raw bones after learning about the many benefits of raw dog food.

The result of this slow change is that fewer people are reporting dogs with bad gas problems or bad breath.

Research has shown that this is because people are not feeding their pets as many canned or dry foods as they used to.

It is possible that the reason for the gas and bad breath problems lies at the door of the manufacturers of processed foods – they pack their food with preservatives to make it last longer.

While the food lasts longer than raw dog food, it is unhealthy and does a great deal of damage to a dog’s health.

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Now that you know all about the benefits of raw dog food are you ready to switch your dog’s diet?

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